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Around 1312, electricity concessions were established by the late Mr. Ketabchi near AaliQapo. Later in 1327, it was run as an electricity company under the With the approval of the government, Ardabil Municipality and the electricity company each managed 51% and 49% of the city's electricity, respectively. management of Mr. Zarrineh and some shareholders. In 1345, the city's electricity was completely delivered to the regional electricity of Azerbaijan. Since 1346, Ardabil Electricity has been operating under the name of Ardabil Electricity And since 1372, at the same time with Ardabil becoming a province and based on the new structure of the Ministry of Energy under the name of Ardabil Power Distribution Company And according to the new structure of the Ministry of Energy under the name of Ardabil Power Distribution Company And started its activities by covering all the cities of the province. In the same year, the installed capacity for the city's 180,000 population was about 2,612 kVA. The length of medium and low pressure network operated was 5200 and 98940 meters, respectively. The total number of subscribers at the same time was 5058 subscribers who were served by 11 motor transformers. At present, electricity in Ardabil province is supplied through 230 kV lines and 6 substations 230/63KV in the province. Currently, the number of 63.20 kV substations in Ardabil province is 16 stations. The length of the transmission line is 939.9 km, The length of the above distribution lines is 66.790 km, Capacity of transmission stations 1755 MVA, The capacity of the above distribution stations is 830 MVA in Ardabil province. At present (end of 1399) Ardabil Power Distribution Company has 7474.1 km medium pressure network And 1/6293 km of low pressure networkAnd 7213 20 kV motor transformers (air and ground) With a total capacity of 987.3 MVA is used.
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